What the title says – the achievement this blog is named for (we’re married!!!1!) is behind us, and regular posting resumes tomorrow!

We’ve got a completely new format – new year, new… blog? – changing up what kind of posts you’ll see each day on AU.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Monday Break Day – Short stories, shares, thoughts, and pictures.
  • Blogging Tuesday – We’ll alternate normal blogs each week.
  • Wedded Life Wednesday – Married life (house plans, family finances, future planning, etc.), and looking back at wedding planning.
  • Thoughtful Thursday – Swapping weekly between reviews of apps, tech, and tools; and our goals, book challenge, and similar activities.
  • Fun and Fluffy Friday – Alternates between pet posts, and toy and craft reviews.
  • Date-Night Saturday – All about dates, events and outings.
  • Gaming Sunday – Board game reviews every other week! Backed up with game-related news and events.

We’re glad to be back & looking forward to this exciting new year. Thank you for reading along with us!


One comment

  1. Jimmy · January 10, 2017

    Congratulations! I’m on track to unlock this achievement if I can continue grinding until next year 😛


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