Big Start to the Year

A new year has started, and there’s already so much to think about!

As you would have seen yesterday with Ed’s Monday post, we are back!

We had a crazy second half to the year last year – getting ready for the wedding, recovering from the wedding and a whirlwind of busy-ness. By the time the winter holidays came around we pretty much just wanted to crash.

We felt a little sad the blog had gotten chopped when we just didn’t have the time anymore, so while relaxing over December we discussed coming back with a bigger better plan…

And the posting schedule you saw yesterday was the result! We’ll post every day under those topics and we will be adding a more detailed posting schedule to our pages soon.

On that latter part – we will be updating the blog itself – the pages, info on us, yadda yadda. We’ll be doing that over the month of January while we ease back in to the life of writing – we’ll probably post about said changes in the Monday posts so you can check them out!

The biggest news for us is that our honeymoon is coming up! We delayed it a bit so we had more money and vacation days to do a bigger trip! And we mean a BIG trip – we’re spending a full month in Japan!!

We’re super-duper excited.

What does that mean for the blog? Well, a lot of posts will probably detail prepping for the trip as we ramp up – tips, tricks, funny stories, or simply Japanese themed. When we’re back, expect for at least a month most posts to be Japan based, talking about the trip, what we saw, lessons leaned, tool reviews, etc.

For the month we’re away we intend to post (we’ll be taking a couple days off around when we’re flying in and out), but it will not follow the schedule. We will be explaining out plan closer to the date.

So… that’s life until mid-May! So crazy! There’s so much to do and think about, my relaxation is already gone through the window – but I’m so excited, and so is Ed.

… I mean, we just got our Studio Ghibli Museum tickets today!!! EXCITING!



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