Firefly Loot Crate Review – Serenity

We’ve reviewed Loot Crates before, but this one… this one’s somethin’ real special. And shiny.

If you weren’t already aware, in a oh-come-on-we-can’t-not-buy-that move, Loot Crate announced a line of Firefly/Serenity themed crates – each one dedicated to a specific character, and packed to the brim with exclusive items.

And the latest crate we received was based not on a character in the traditional sense, but something that any Browncoat will swear has a personality and development over the course of the show – the titular Firefly-class transport ship, Serenity herself.

I singled out this crate not just because it was the latest we’ve received, but also because of how hard-wired into geek desires this one seems to be. By my estimation, it’s got the best value for money of any of the crates so far, with some excellent inclusions – as ever, most of them are exclusive.

I won’t give away all the contents, but I will share a few highlights that made us both squeeeee with joy.

First is the Mini Masters model that comes in every Firefly Loot Crate – this one is of the old girl herself, and comes with a screen-accurate dedication plaque.


Is a caption really needed, here?

Yep, that plaque is solid metal! It’s hefty enough to brain a no-good space-mad Reaver in a pinch.

Then there’s the product catalog for the ship – a la the ones you get bombarded with at car dealerships. It’s got pages of labelled diagrams and a spectacular cutaway of the whole ship:


Soo much detail *hugs book*

There’s things that will appeal to lots of people – travelers, collectors, those that want t-shirts fit for big damn heroes. And I’m sure both aficionados of custom gaming computers and tuned cars will find somewhere to put these screen-accurate cargo warning labels.


“Large objects in space are likely to blow up without notice” is ominous to put on a computer case OR a car…



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