Our Date Jar (a little more casual this year)

It was a couple years ago that I crafted this date jar for Edward. As we’ve moved and our lives changed we edited down what was in the jar. This year we’re going to be doing some more editing.


It’s still the same rules – when you want to have a date, pull out a stick and do what it says – shopping before hand if you need anything for it.


Originally, the date jar had a much larger variety of dates, but for the past couple years (first, saving up for the wedding, and now Japan), we removed the expensive date option. We just weren’t sure if suddenly doing $150 date on a whim was a good idea. This year we’ve sorted through to leave mostly simpler dates that don’t require much prep or shopping so that we still don’t spend and can just go out and date when we get the time.


We’re also planning to do less – we’ve got other dates planed, other romantic things we do regularly… and with Japan ahead we’re probably not going to get more than one date jar date in a month.


Still looking forward to mixing it up once a month- and yes, you will hear all about it for ideas if you want to make your own!


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