What We’re Playing

Games are one of those things where we’re either doing less than we want to or more than we should… sometimes at once, but less so now that we’re both gearing up for 2017, this blog, and Japan.

But what have we been playing, specifically?

Well, we’ve made some new additions to our already-imposing collection of tabletop games. One that we decided on months ago but just came in the mail recently…

Unspeakable Words, featured on Geek & Sundry’s Table Top, is like a scrabble card game if bigger words resulted in a higher chance of your brain leaking out of your ears. Yep, turns out Cthulhu/Lovecraft + literally any conventional gaming archetype can be pretty fun. Unique touches like glow-in-the dark Cthulhu statuettes to track your remaining sanity and letter scores based on how many angles the letter has (really) make it both fresh and entertaining. It also doesn’t take too long to get through a single round, so it’s fun quick game sessions and larger gatherings.

Quadropolis is a complex tile-collecting/tile laying game of urban development, with multiple optional strategies and paths to victory. It stood out enough after a single play-through on a games cafe date for us to add it to our collection.

Champions of Midgard joined our collection without us ever playing it, after seeing it on Table Top once again. It’s a bit like Stone Age x Lords of Waterdeep, and those two worker-placement/resource management games are among our favourites. Take that concept, add Vikings, trolls, adventure and axes. Suggested background music includes Amon Amarth, Turisas, and basically anything with a group of angry-looking people standing in a Scandinavian forest on the back of the album. The variety of ways to gain points, and the number of points that stay hidden till the end, make for an intense game.

Another new addition, Iota, is the topic of an upcoming game review so we’ll talk more about it there.

In the digital world, we’ve both been enjoying Pokemon Sun & Moon immensely. The departure from the traditional gym format, mix of appealing classic and new Pokemon, relatively nuanced characters and features like Poke Pelago (berry farming at your fingertips, easy stat-boosting) and the awesome bonuses granted by Pokemon Refresh make for a much more dynamic addition to the series than other recent titles.


Vikings, Monsters, Elder Gods, Cities and Tiles, Oh My!




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