When Good IS Good Enough

Despite what a lot of people would wish, a Facebook post is rarely going to be a life-altering event.

That said, once in a while one can point you in the right direction. That’s how it was when I saw one talking about how important it was to just do your best. Do what you can, and be proud of that achievement – rather than beating yourself up over what you couldn’t do, and ESPECIALLY rather than not doing anything in the first place because you’re afraid it won’t be as amazing as you wish it could be.

That post also reminded me of something a saw recently, quoted by the enviably awesome Elon Musk: “The perfect is the enemy of the good”.

A lot of us, myself included, seem to get stuck in that trap. Show of hands, how many times have you shied away from painting, drawing, writing, building, competing, or doing just about anything just because you know it’s not going to be as good as a professional, a friend, or a Youtube viral sensation.

The thing I have to remind myself to focus on instead is the fact that I did it at all – despite hangups, work, stress, anxiety – and that that’s worth celebrating.

The thing it spurred me to most of all recently was working on our basement. It was a disaster – storing mementos from the wedding, kitchen tools and wares, my tools and hardware, our bikes, and all of Caitlin’s art that’s not on display.

Looking at a space like that is incredibly daunting for me – I’m sure that a lot of you have a desk, filing cabinet, garage or shed in the same vein. But, breaking it down, it suddenly becomes a lot more approachable. Empty one box and take it out to the recycling? Boom, one whole box done. Move a few things that clears floor space? Boom, tons of room to work on other things.

Like many situations that come up in metaphors, chipping away at the basement became a way to turn a space that was a downer every time I went into it into a puzzle, a doable project, and an opportunity to focus on the what you can do, instead of a reminder of what you can’t or just haven’t.


Courtesy of who-is-awesome.com. Someone registered a domain just for that image, and that’s pretty awesome.


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