Wedding Mementos: Our Table Centerpiece

It’s always nice to have some things from your big special day around the house post major event. A scrap book or photo album, printed pictures, maybe a shadow box with little keepsakes or even the gown.

We’re planning on having pretty much all of those, some with a twist, and also adding on a couple other things.

And one is our dining room centerpiece.


Centerpiece, and guest appearance by grumpy cat.


Part of our centerpiece is actually part of our centerpieces from the wedding (all handmade) – the slices of wood Ed took from a dead tree from his parents’ property and the mason jar vase, filled with river stones, wrapped in glittery burlap ribbon and filled with lavender.


Lavender and cat.

The lavender was a request from me, as it’s a nod to France (my 10 month sojourn there at 18 was a big turning point in my life) and lavender’s role in reducing anxiety, a part of my life that has made me a fighter.

But we chose both English and French lavender, as both of us have British in us.

Dry flowers are an awesome way to bring flowers into your wedding while reducing the cost and also reducing stress – you can buy them way ahead and they’ll keep just fine, then you can keep them for years afterwards. The farm we bought our lavender from had 5 year old bunches that still weren’t at all faded.

The other two pieces are wine bottles from our reception. Ed’s mother had the wine made in recycled bottles, we custom made the labels with geeky names and a personal picture and put them all on ourselves. We filled these two with the river stones from other mason jars and some extra lavender.

Now it sits in the middle of our table, a reminder of the big special day.




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