Reading Challenge 2017

It’s a new year, and for us that means a new reading challenge!

A few of you might remember our announcement of a similar thing last year. We… well, didn’t do great. A lot of things – notably, the wedding! – conspired against our ambition to get back into reading in a big way.

But, a new year, us already more on top of our goals and plans, and a couple twelve-hour flights coming up?  Bring it on.

This year, we’ve shuffled our categories slightly. Our new list is;

  • A book based on a fairy tale.
  • A National Book Award winner.
  • A young-adult bestseller.
  • A book under 150 pages.
  • A book becoming a movie between 2015-2018.
  • A book recommended by someone we just met.
  • A book we can finish in a day.
  • A book written by a celebrity.
  • A memoir or autobiography.
  • A book recommended by a family member.
  • A graphic novel.
  • A book published in 2017.
  • A book and its prequel.
  • A book written by a comedian.
  • A book bought sight unseen.
  • A 20th century classic.
  • A book with a road trip.
  • A book about an unfamiliar culture.
  • A book with an adventure.
  • A book on science.
  • A book that can teach you something new.
  • A book by a Canadian author.
  • A book we picked because we loved the cover.

That’s 25 books overall (including the double category), though a few of them are for shorter reads. Two and a bit a month, or one every other week with a week spare.

Not much for a lot of people, but quite a bit for people like us who haven’t been reading either nearly as much as we would like to (or as we used to).

To give us some motivation, we’ve brought back our rewards – something we want, but don’t need, worth about $250. And to inspire us to keep reading even if we get so far behind it’ll be impossible to finish the challenge, if we make it halfway we get a $100 treat.

Watch this space, and we’ll share what we’ve read, and what we’re reading!




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