The Central Toronto Veterinary Referral Clinic (CTVRC)

It can be nervous going to a new doctor. It can be even more nerve-wracking going to a new veterinarian – leave alone when there’s something serious wrong with your beloved pet.

So what if you double down when you get referred to a specialist for a health issue? That’s the situation we found ourselves in with our lovable doofus Kooks, which is why I’m delighted that I can say lots of good things about the CTVRC in Toronto.

I’ll refrain from talking about treatment and specific people, and just give an overview for worried pet owners can expect when they’ve been sent to a specialist at the Central Toronto Veterinary Referral Clinic (see why I used the acronym?).

Located near Eglinton and Allen in the heart of mid-town, there’s abundant parking nearby, and a combined bus/subway hub very close by – good marks for accessibility. That said, try to get appointments mid-day or late evening if possible – rush hour traffic is nightmarish in this area, not helped by the ongoing roadworks (or an anxious furry friend in tow).

The reception space has a coffee maker, seriously overworked but very attentive and friendly reception workers, and a ready supply of pet treats. The ground level is level with the sidewalk, but there is a tight turn in the door around the counter which can be a bit tricky to navigate your dog through if there waiting area and counter are busy. There’s an enclosed bus stop right outside, so absolute worst case you could always wait there if your or another’s pet is causing a scene and the weather isn’t favourable.

Some of the examination rooms are downstairs in the basement – I believe there is an elevator if you or your pet has challenges with them. There’s a separate waiting area downstairs with reading material, a water cooler and dog treats – my old phone struggled to get signal down here, but my new one gets phone and data service no problem.

Initial consults aren’t going to be staggeringly expensive – our check-up fee wasn’t much more than I would expect from my regular vet. Extra tests and treatments will add up, of course, but your invoices will be itemized very transparently (down to the $ per pill x # of pills level).

So look after your furry friends, and know that they’ll be in good hands if you find yourself here.

For his part, Kooks has a good prognosis. And a giant new bed.

For his part, Kooks has a good prognosis. And a giant new bed.


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