The Goals and Journals Date

On of Caitlin’s Christmas gifts to me was a little set of dates – one for each month. And we did our January date pretty much right away, since it was all about our goals and journals.

Being us, there was a lot to set up!

We both (inspired and prompted by how much better-organized Caitlin is, for my part) use multiple planners. We have an at-a-glance weekly checklist – which doesn’t take too much advance setup – as well as a traditional spiral-bound annual calendar book to keep track of long-term plans, birthdays, and the like.

We also, a new thing this year, both started bullet journals. Caitlin found a pair of really high-quality, German-made notebooks with dot-matrix markings for us – and it was quite a bit of time and sore writing hands to set them up!

We’re both using them slightly differently from each other in terms of order, but very similar overall – and a fair bit differently from the tutorial you’ll see online from the creator of the bullet journal concept.

The other big part of the date was finalizing our goals! We both recorded our goals – by category, if they were joint or individual (or Japan-specific ones) in our new bullet journals.

We posted previously about how important it is to us to work out our goals together. Making a special date out of it was a great way to start the year and figure out what we were doing with our journals as a couple.

Working together, we’re able to make sure we’re both on the same page as far as what we see happening in the coming year. It’s an opportunity to encourage and inspire each other, too. Considering where life is going to lead in a whole year, and what you expect of yourself, can be daunting. Doing it with your partner can really ease that burden, if you know you’re both focused on taking the same steps side by side.

By making a date out of it, it let us – and could let you! – treat it as some nice together time rather than a generic evening of being productive. Making a date out of it is a nice excuse to have baguette and fois gras while you work, or drink nice hot chocolates, and just make the start of the new year that little bit more special.


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