Cafe Date (Dec 2016)

As a Christmas Gift to ourselves, we gave ourselves a Snakes & Lattes date and a budget for games. It had been a while since we went on a cafe date as we were watching out money for the wedding (and now we are for Japan, but we felt we deserved a treat).

It was nice to get back to the mega library they offer and the decent food. We both got the really rich and decadent mac and cheese, I ordered a smoothie, we both had sundaes to top everything off.

But of course, we were happy to be getting back in to one of our favourite shared hobbies. Games.

I had, before we left, prepared a list of games that we wanted to try and that we wanted to buy. We figured we’d try a couple on our list an adjust the to buy accordingly.

I really wanted to try Castles of Mad King Ludwig as I’ve heard good things and think it sounds neat, but alas, they did not have it and never will. Too many unique pieces that can’t be easily replaced… so I suppose that may have to be a blind purchase one day… or find a cafe that likes to live dangerously.

First game we played was Quadropolis. Took us a while to get the hand of how it worked – we are pretty sure the instructions were translated, but even then it was not properly organized. I like my step-by-step set up and I found that we needed to go into the rules to figure out what to do with some pieces.

We picked up the game after the first round, however, and immediately found it fun. It’s a very interesting concept for resource management and I suppose you can almost say tile-laying. It takes decent strategy and we were already hooked to want to get it and try again, now knowing what we were doing. It’s also got an expert version once you’ve gotten the hang of it.

We couldn’t find a few items we had on our list, so next up was Last Will. We had the Game Guru explain to us how to play. Took a while wrap our head’s around the concept – it has a lot of working pieces, which always takes a few turns to remember everything. But it’s also hard for reasonable people to get themselves to, even for the sake of a game, go bankrupt on a gamble of a fortune.


Between lunch and dessert, Ed slips off to the washroom and I take the chance to snap some pics. Snakes and Lattes still gets pretty full past 1PM on a Saturday, even when cold and snowy. The game in front of us is Last Will.

After two games we decided we had been there long enough, our money was burning a hole in our pocket and we wanted to go do some shopping – the second part of our date. We had plans to go Japan clothes and shoe shopping and spend our Christmas Game budget on some Boxing Week sales.

It felt good to get back out to do something we love. We honestly think the food quality there is really good, and they have some really decadent desserts.

We could (and often do) play games at home – but this is a more special date, something a little extra for us. And playing something new (even if we have a pretty decent collection) is always nice!

We missed this, after Japan we’ll have to do this more often for sure!


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