Having an iPad again

I love my husband. I really do.

He’s more tech-savvy than me I think (though he worries “if I’ll need him anymore” as I learn more and more), but we both have a love for electronics.

I do happen to work with Apple products (I am not a fan girl though, I just do graphic work – which they were leaders in until recently – and happen to have had good customer care) and had the ‘environment’ of the laptop, phone, and iPad. I really wanted a watch.

But as I waited for it to be financially comfortable to get one, my poor old iPad got slower and less useful (pre-dating 3G options) and I just stopped using it.

Than on cyber Monday my beloved hubby finally got himself a new phone… and it came with a FREE (really??) smart watch. Now here I was just down to my phone and laptop and he had the fun little gadget he was constantly using. And it looks so good on him. So jealous.

So when a few weeks later my carrier announced a deal on iPad Minis that was insanely affordable, I puppy-dog-eyed Ed to take me to there store that evening. And walked out with my iPad Mini 2.


I missed the little tablet so darn much, and I didn’t even realize it. But having it again I use it even more… and for more uses than I once had. It’s smaller, obviously, so it goes with me everywhere.

It’s funny how when I make sudden big financial decisions they are usually for the best. Something about following your gut…

Anyways, when I first set it up I put on the usual… bank apps, social media, mail, games, etc. I went and found a couple list apps, got the writing, presentation and spreadsheet app.

Then I added a few new things. A colouring app (a good tip for those with anxiety) and a wardrobe app.

Still working on the later – I am planning on using it to control my purchases and to have me look professional on a regular basis. Having a smaller iPad than I was used to is great because I have no problem taking it everywhere.

I’ve put Dropbox and Trello on there. This is how we manage trip planning so now anywhere and everywhere I can plan for Japan. We also manage this blog through those apps so I can easily work on it as well.

Other apps work better now it seems, my favourite online clothing store Modcloth has a couple features I am happy for and I use their app when I want to browse… this may seem randow to mention, but the reason I bring this up is because previously there were things I just found more comfortable on a laptop. Online shopping and blog post writing included.

Now I feel comfortable on the iPad, so my laptop is more normally used on a table or desk while couch surfing is done on the iPad – lighter, easier, better on my posture.

A big deal for me is I’ve been using it for work. Every so often I go off site to a hospital we support and I hated lugging around my laptop. The iPad has been great in replacing the laptop for these trips and I’ve been using list and note apps with my online mail to do everything I need/want to while off site. I’m sure I look like a show off going around with my iPad, but it makes work easier (and therefore I’m more efficient), so why not?

Let me make this clear – Apple didn’t ask me to write this review, nor am I selling an iPad to you. I am more pointing out the perks of a tablet.

I’ve always been one of those people that says a laptop has it’s purpose, a phone has it’s purpose, a tablet has it’s purpose. I don’t like big tablet laptops, and had a big phone once and didn’t care for it.

I thought I wouldn’t like the iPad Mini, but it turns out I do. I underestimated the size, and it hasn’t caused any issues with it’s use.

Otherwise, either mini or not, tablets have a great use. When you need something lighter and quicker than a laptop, or just a little tool to have on hand that can offer more than a phone, it’s wonderful to have. And I forgot just how much I enjoyed having one until I got one back in my life.

Perhaps to some it won’t make sense (or others will just say ‘duh’), but I’m sure to those who are still on the fence – trust me, make that quick decision and get one. You’ll find ways to use it, I’m sure.


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