Sanrio Crate: “Hello!” Review

Playing off my mothers nickname for me, a few of my friends called me “Kitty”… and it stuck enough to be part of my handle and to still associate me to Hello Kitty today.

I didn’t actually know much about Hello Kitty until mid-high school when I started becoming associated with the Sanrio character through the nickname. I quickly fell in love with the little cat-like being and her red bow, and soon after I revelled in acquiring almost anything HK related.

So when LootCrate offered the Sanrio Crate, I signed up.

The first box was themed to "Hello."

The first box was themed to “Hello.”

(Review not sponsored by Sanrio or LootCrate)

Can''t handle the cute!

Can’t handle the cute!

I knew about the sparkly figure before I got the box as it was a ‘sneak peek’ item – too cute! I was super happy with it; I personally find Lootcrate usually has decent quality items, so this was no exception. It’s heavy as heck and well made enough to not show seams. I love this addition to my collection.

There was also a keychain I immediately put on my purse – very cute and again, really good quality. I debated putting it on a bag because I didn’t want it lost or damaged, but figured there wasn’t much of a point to it if I didn’t.

Suits it, don't you think?

Suits it, don’t you think?

There were a couple smaller office items. A jar of little erasers (which, let’s be honest, I’ll never use – forever a decoration) that sits of my office desk, and a cute little pen that writes smoothly. I didn’t know the erasers were scented until I read the pamphlet-poster (super cute, in my office as wall decor too).

Such a cute way to do their booklet for this box.

Such a cute way to do their booklet for this box.

They smell of strawberries!

They smell of strawberries!

It's actually a pretty good pen.

It’s actually a pretty good pen.

Other ‘bigger ticket’ items include an adorable shirt, the pouch and the notebook. Again, all great quality. The pouch was a little generic for me, could make a good pencil case or toiletries bag for travelling, but otherwise was quite clutch-like for regular use. Still cute. I adored the pocket tee (bigger, size-wise, than I expected a medium to be, but otherwise cute) with all the characters on it (apologies for the lack of picture) and the notebook will definitely be used in the future.

I like notebooks with the elastics to hold them closed.

I like notebooks with the elastics to hold them closed.

For me, this is about collectibles. I enjoy getting some usable items, but most will be for display – and the quality is great. I hope there will be exclusives in the future (none were specifically stated to be), as that’s a real feature of LootCrate, but otherwise I am very, very happy with the first crate – I like everything in it a fair bit so other than a couple of the Firefly crates, it’s one of my favourite ones thus far!

Also- the box art and interior wrapping was adorable…

Already too cute!! #sanrio #lootcrate

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Also also… I hope that at some point very soon they have items for Aggretsuko. I’m in love already!



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