Gettin’ Stylish

Caitlin remembers clearly what she was wearing the first time – and second time – she met me. It sounds sweet, but it’s actually because she was so embarrassed by the jeans & hoodie combo – and was afraid of what I would think of her.

Me, I didn’t notice. In part because she was the most asdfhssadjasdjaspd gorgeous woman I’d ever seen, but also because “jeans and hoodie” was pretty much the entire extent of my wardrobe at the time.

One of many positive changes Caitlin has made in me is in my own style. Understanding what clothes do for you, not just practically (why would you wear something other than cargo pants? They have SO MANY POCKETS), but in terms of the impression you make to others, and the confidence they give you, was a revelation for someone who used to regard fashion with unconcealed contempt.

It started basic – a blazer here, a nice sweater there, a couple nice pairs of slacks, a Danier scarf. Figuring out how to put things together took a bit more time. Caitlin wasn’t entirely without help – the magnetic personas of Stacy, Clinton and Tim Gunn got skeptical me to enjoy watching a couple of Caitlin’s favourites (What Not To Wear and Project Runway).

More than anything, I started to realize that… (a) Caitlin says I look good, (b) my colleagues even notice and (c) wow, I feel good. Self-confidence is not my strongest suit, but nowadays when I’m getting ready to go out somewhere nice, I get this little high, feeling of confidence, presence, even power that even my nicest hoodie… really didn’t.

The last piece was my hair – and that only came together briefly before our wedding, if you can believe that. I used to trim my own hair with a rather nice electric razor kit, since… about 2nd year university? Caitlin made it very clear that I was going to get a proper hair cut before the wedding, and… wait, my hair can actually look good? Huh.

If you find yourself stylistically static, just try something as simple as parting your hair over to one side instead of leaving your bangs as-is. It can make a surprising difference! Caitlin was quick to agree – the beard oil and “mythical pomade” from Rhett & Link of YouTube fame made that pretty clear!

A review of those rather excellent hair products is a topic for another post, but for now, my advice to you if your fashion sense either hasn’t evolved for years or consists of actively scorning people who think having one is important… you’d be surprised just how much a little style can do for you.


Looking all thoughtful about positive life changes, or something.


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