Juju’s New Sweaters

When we first got Juju, we inherited her old clothing… and we were not a fan of all the pink. Edward was not a fan of dressing her at all, but I knew that as a small dog, in the colder weather she would need some covering.

We tried a couple things over the years, having never been the dress-up-your-dog type we didn’t know what exactly would work for her and for us.

Finally, an impulse purchase of mine led to the best thing we had to put her in over the fall – a knit sweater. We told ourselves if we could find anymore we’d buy them for her, because they were easy to get off and on and she didn’t mind them at all.

So guess what she got for Christmas this year.


She’s too cute in a sweater.

We got her two sweaters, as well as two coats that were much better than anything else we’ve found before – we’ve found that the trickiest part with Juju, who really doesn’t care about what she wears on her body, is that she cam be squirmy and we need something fast and easy to get on.


Her blue sweater.

The sweaters don’t seem as easy, as a velcro of zip up coat, but the bonus is the stretch in the fabric which other coats just don’t offer. She seems super comfortable in them and they are easy to wash.


She wouldn’t sit still for a picture – but this is her red sweater.

And everyone squeals when we bring her over to there homes in a chic sweater. I often joke she dresses better than I do.

Our favourite of the two coats we got her is a zip up one that has two majorly helpful features: 1) the zipper is on her back (the tummy ones are such a pain) and 2) it has a built in harness so we don’t have to put hers on over top. It’s a multi-gray medium-warmth jacket and the harness is reflective so it’s good for the winter evening.

We think it’s pretty snazzy too.

The last coat does velcro up on the tummy, which is not preferable, but it’s velcro which is easier than a zipper (I’m always afraid I’ll get her fur caught). We just found that out of the winter coats this one seemed the best quality we had gotten yet. The hood actually covers her head and it’s big enough to cover her butt.

She really hasn’t had to wear it yet this year, but it’s nice to have a good option.

(She was done with the photo shoot and wanted to play, so no picture – sorry!)

Right now she’s all about the sweaters.


My baby girl showing off how she dresses better than I do!


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