Bullet Journals: A Personal Piece on Their Use Thus Far

I keep wanting to journal, but I fail miserably every time. I start off well but then I stop, because I didn’t have time a night or two… then catching up would take up too much time… so the journal peters out.

I heard about the bullet journal for organization… I already love my calendar and to-do list, but I thought why not… maybe I can try adding a piece to my routine that should hopefully have me journal-ing every day.

At some point we’ll do a review of bullet-journaling on a Thoughtful Thursday, but right now I’m going to tell you all about my view on it so far.


My very pink journal

The journal now comes with me everywhere and I write in it when I get a moment – or need to take a moment. I’ve always liked having a journal – to be able to remember big adventures, to be able to look back in order to learn.

There are practical uses too – when I go to the doctor and he asks how often something has happened I can give him an accurate answer over a best guess. For myself, I can also track things like my eating habits and exercise to make sure I’m being the best to myself that I can.

I’m never worried about my co-workers or anyone else reading it because it’s really not that interesting – you’re getting my day-to-day activities, not juicy drama. I’m not much of a drama person anyways. If you really want to know what I ate the other day and my weight this week sure… but otherwise it’s not a page turner.

So for me I am feeling pretty happy and comfortable carrying it around and writing in it; it makes me feel better just knowing I’ve got some place I’m jotting down everything important and can check back when I need too.

It also makes me feel more organized. The first third-or-so of the book I used as the organization system for bullet journals. I made it my own – it’s got my goals in it and my reading challenge list, but also has some of the suggested pages: a key, year in review, monthly to do area, etc. I’m sure once I’ve figured out how I want to use each section I’ll change it up – but this year it’s all about experimenting and getting comfortable.

It hasn’t made me eliminate my 5-day To Do list or my calendar, but it does make me feel more organized because it has items they do not and helps complete a circle.


My organization trio.

The funny thing I’ve noticed is that I check the lists LESS now that I have what feels like a complete circle. I have so much confidence that I’ve sorted everything else and if I need to check something it’s easily at hand, so I worry less about what needs to get done and when, and how much of it I’ve gotten done already.

The one thing is… it’s still going to take me a long time to not skip journal-ing days and have to do a catch up. BUT, it’s faster and more doable with the bullet journal. And I’ve found that if I drop it I can pick it back up pretty easily – so that is still my biggest journal-ing problem resolved.

Maybe it’s the upcoming Japan trip, maybe it’s life calming down a little after some crazy months… or maybe the journal really does have that much of an affect on me. But I do feel more organized, and therefore calm, than usual.


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