The Heart Frame

We’ve done a few things after the wedding to preserve memories of the big day. Clear Christmas ornaments filled with pieces of the decor and invites; a shadow box filled with some of our most precious mementos. But one of my favourites, and one we had a ton of fun making, is the heart frame.


Lots of happy thoughts & memories!

Caitlin originally found the idea on Instagram; fill a frame with heart-shaped cut-outs of the cards we received for our wedding. My contribution was the idea to use burlap as the backing – it’s actually part of our aisle runner!


Even our cat helped. Well, “helped”. Apparently the burlap is pretty comfy…

Fitting the burlap to the backing of the frame was critical – making sure it didn’t wrinkle or bunch up. We found hot glue did a great job… but were reminded the hard way that burlap is very porous! Using a piece of cardboard or folded paper rather than fingers was something we figured out to do very quickly. This part (regardless of what backing material you use) can also be a nice bonding activity for a couple… keeping it taught, getting the glue where you need it and avoiding wrinkles at the sides is tricky!

From there, getting even-sized cards was actually pretty easy, thanks to a heart-shaped paper punch from a craft store. If you have a very even hand (or don’t mind a rougher look), you can get away with scissors.


We recommend the punch option – I’m sure we’ll use it for more cute crafts in future, too!

Playing around with the cutouts to see what arrangement you like before gluing things down was definitely critical to getting it ‘just right’.


We fiddled around to have the bright/bold-coloured ones spaced out and not have ones that looked too similar next to each other.

Sticking the cutouts to the frame was tricky – we used small drops of superglue, but it still showed through in some places on some of the cards. Fortunately they dried clear! You might want to consider using a backing piece of cardstock attached with a regular glue stick or paper glue.


No glue to see here!

And now we have a piece that reminds us of our big day, celebrates all the kind words our friends and family sent to us, and that’s going to have space on our walls for a long, long time.


Here it is! There’s a place of honour on the wall outside our bedroom.


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