Game Night, just the two of us

It’s nice to unplug and enjoy some time just the two of us. Cooking together, taking a walk, maybe one of the stay-at-home dates we’ve planned. But a personal favourite of both of us is doing a game night, just the two of us.

The last time we did this we got out only a couple games, Quadropolis and Unspeakable Words, and had just a little bit of time playing them together. But we had laughs and enjoyed the time together without the usual distractions.

We do have a good assortment of games, as Ed has pointed out previously. We’ve got a couple 2-players, which are always good for a couple’s date night – games like Patchwork (a newer addition to our collection where you compete in making the best quilt… it sounds silly, and yet it’s such a tricky puzzle) and Castellan (a Steve Jackson Games game where you compete to build castles and have the most keeps… kind of like playing ‘squares’ on graph paper in school, if you ever did that).

But we also find there are some games that can be played for bigger groups that are good two-player. Games that max out at 4 players (like Quadropolis) are usually a good bet that 2 players will enjoy it. Some other games have 2-player changes so you can adapt the game, and that’s also quite enjoyable – examples that come to mind are Broom Service and Stone Age, which both have added parts to make it a better play for fewer players.

Ed and I are both playfully competitive, so playing games just the two of us means we do both play our best – maybe not as vengefully as we can sometimes play with friends, but still using all of our best strategies.

It’s easy to have conversations over games, and often the game may give us a topic to start on. Whether we’re reminded of something or start discussing silly real-world applications or concepts the games inspire. They are usually pretty good for a laugh too – whether one of us screws up or honestly, just because we’re having so much fun you can’t help but smile.

Getting a good brain work out, having a good time and getting good one-on-one conversation time… it’s pretty win-win-win.

And we do have this pretty big collection that should get used!!

But if you’re looking for a nice way to stay at home and have fun, we recommend going to a friendly local game store and asking for fun games for two people… they are good for date nights, lights out events (like earth day/earth hour) or if the power should go out from extreme weather… and yes, that is speaking from experience!


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