Our Gaming Wishlists

It’s a gaming double-feature tonight!

As you already no doubt know, we have a pretty substantial collection of games. And, in a move that will surprise exactly no one who has a collection of anything… we have a wish-list of at least 40 more.

We split that list into to-try and to-buy; some jump straight to the to-buy list if we play them blind, or if we see them on a gaming show and know right away we’ll love them. A lot of others, we try to give a whirl at our favourite games cafes to make sure we’ll be happy with our purchase.

Here’s just a sample; a few of the games that are calling out from that list especially loud for us to give them a go…


We played Marvel’s competitive deck-building game, Legendary, during our bried foray into one of Toronto’s organized gaming meet-up groups. We’re not huge comic book fans, but the mechanics of Legendary are great. So you can imagine – given our affirmed Browncoat status and subscription to the Firefly loot crate – our unreasonable outbursts of excitement when Legendary Encounters: Firefly came out. Yes, please!


We really enjoy the Lost Legacy games – from the makers of, and very similar to, the widely-known Love Letter, these games are played with a small deck, with a single card in hand most of the time. You usually play through several quick rounds, so it’s good for a small group. The newest incarnations of the series are two-packs – Sacred Grail and Staff of Dragons and Vorpal Sword and White Gold Spire. Why bother with so many expansions on the same theme? Well, the coolest part of Lost Legacy is that cards are interchangeable across different games, despite having different functions. So you can have a really unique game of your own!


Considering that we have a ton of Red Dragon Inn sets already, and recently purchased the Big Box to store them all, it should be no surprise that Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport is on our must-try list. It’s a very different beast to classic RDI – it’s a cooperative deck-building game, where players work together to save Greyport – the town where the beloved titular inn is sited! It seems like despite their best efforts to destroy the inn and it’s clientele in the core game, the characters are going to set aside old gambling debts/attempted poisonings when there’s a real battle that needs fighting.

Monarch jumped to near the top of our list after seeing it on Table Top just a couple days ago. A group of sisters – and let’s just say it, an all-female cast is seriously cool and too rare! – compete to build the finest court to impress their mother (the monarch herself) and earn their place as successors to the crown. The way you develop the board is an odd balance – improvements to the board help all players, but you have to keep an eye on how to make them benefit you the most. As the craftiest, wisest, bravest sister and the worthy heir to the throne, nothing less will do.


We would dearly love to give Castles of Mad King Ludwig a try before scooping it up – we would be buying essentially blind on this one. But it has a ton  of unique pieces – tiny tokens with specific numbers or symbols – so even Snakes & Lattes, the most prosperous games cafe in Toronto, doesn’t have an open-box copy to play. The game itself challenges players to build the biggest, greatest castle of all time… for a mad king (hence the name!) who’s desires for exactly what makes for the greatest castle of all time are constantly changing!

If you’ve had a chance to play any of these, do let us know what you thought! Or don’t… so we’re not too tempted to go out and buy a ton more games ;).



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