The ‘Building Things’ Date!

I was going to write a post about a date from our Date Jar, which we’ve alluded to a bunch in past posts.

But today, we had a great stay-at-home date that happened, as some of the best do, more by accident than by design. We just sat down and started building things together. Is there a word for being creative and constructive? creastructive?

Okay, let’s just call it the “building things” date!

We both had crafts – little kits – that we gave each other a little while ago, but had put on our to-do shelf (literally, we have a cube in our games shelf for that). I had given Caitlin a built-it-yourself camera – an unpowered, fully hand-operated one using classic 35mm film. Caitlin, even longer ago, had given me an adorable robot kit for a moving metal detector.

Caitlin’s already posted a full review of the camera kit – I’ll probably do one about my new little robot at some point soon, too.

More to the point of our date-night stories… just how fun is it to just build things and do stuff like this together?!

It’s so relaxing, fun, and liberating to do these types of things. We shared back and forth what we were doing, things we found interesting about the process… frequent repetitions of “that’s what she said” when a screw was having trouble lining up with and fitting into a given hole.

We each worked on a different little project, so there wasn’t constant collaboration in that regard, but that can also make life easier – a lot of constructive crafts are really only designed, and sized, for one person to work on at a time without getting under the others’ feet constantly. Or more likely hands, models and kits you build with your feet would probably have… much looser tolerances, and hopefully fewer intricate parts.

That said, there were plenty of chances for me to sidle over and help Caitlin out with her camera – it’s a much, much more complex project than the little robot. And that in turn gives more chances to learn about communication and cooperation. Not that tiny spring, that tiny spring!

So whether or not you consider DIY skills or handiness with tools and wires your strong points, I definitely recommend this kind of little date to other couples. Not only is it a great way to stimulate both your brain and some conversation, you get really cool (and sometimes day-to-day useful) physical rewards out of it.

For our part, I know we’ll do this kind of little date together again. We have a few other crafts waiting, and had way to much fun this time not to give this another whirl!




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