10 Reasons to Stay In on Valentines

Going out to a nice restaurant is a tried and true Valentine’s Day staple. But why not try having a romantic evening at home? I can think of a few reasons…

  1. WAY easier to get reservations.
  2. Cooking together can be fun and romantic itself.
  3. You get to set the ambiance.
  4. YOU GET TO SET THE MUSIC! (“Oh honey, it’s our song…. oh… the dubstep version).
  5. Less travel time (more together time).
  6. More socially acceptable if you decide to get “romantic” before/during/after dinner.
  7. Much lower risk of having to witness a failed wedding proposal.
  8. Fewer people to see/record/live-tweet if your own wedding proposal fails.
  9. Come to think of it, avoids a lot of “my ex is the waiter” type rom-com cliches.
  10. It’s cheaper (unless you go REALLY overboard with the fancy cheeses).

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