Don’t Forget! (for Your Honeymoon)

If you, like many people, plan to take your honeymoon right after your wedding [congratulations, by the way!], you might just find that you’re so stressed about the wedding planning that you’ve overlooked a couple details that it pays to remember.

Even if, like us, you have a pretty major break between the big day and the big trip, it doesn’t hurt to double check that you(r better half) have these items all checked off…

The Basics

Some of this is probably going to sound painfully obvious, but… we had over a year to plan our wedding and with how busy we got, I don’t think it hurts to sweat the details!

So, make sure you’ve ticked all the regular vacation boxes – work shifts and duties covered, pets looked after, fridge emptied, credit cards notified that you’ll use them out-of-country, suitcases not buried under wedding crafting materials…

Speaking personally, it’s not just about making sure you have everything ready for the honeymoon, it’s making sure the memory of your honeymoon isn’t soured by coming home to a real mess!

Passports and Travel Docs

Unless you travel internationally a lot, your passport probably spends a lot of time in a drawer or safe or box. Make sure it’s still valid, and has a fair amount of time on it – they say it’s better for your passport to be valid for at least 6 months, in case something exceptional delays you returning. Make sure any other docs you need for travelling are up to speed to – is your drivers’ licence valid in the place you’re going, if you’re planning on renting a car somewhere abroad?

Believe me, if it’s a few weeks from the wedding, the last thing you want to do is spend 3 hours in a government office doing passport paperwork. I was personally lucky/stubborn enough to go in the middle of a blizzard. 15 minutes and done!

Lastly – depending on where you are, formal wedding recognition and name-changes can take forever. Depending on your plans, it’s a good idea to have some documentation that confirms that yes, we are married, names notwithstanding… just in case.

The Trip Itself

A lot of people, it seems, feel pressured to get married and then go for a big honeymoon right away. Seriously, if there is one single piece of useful advice I learned from my wedding, it’s that it can be SO REWARDING to take your time. Too stressed to plan two amazing events at once? Don’t settle for an afterthought honeymoon, or take away from your wedding because you feel you HAVE to go right away.

Take some time! Breath! And have the time of your life… that’s the whole point.




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