New to the Apple Watch

I’ve wanted my very own smart watch for a while… I figured I go with apple only because I do have the rest of the ‘environment’ and I do enjoy that aspect. But a watch is a big buy and I’d waited and waited, regularly taking a peak at them in stores and trying to figure out what would be the point at which I’d allow myself to get one.

After Ed got his, I watched him use it and it made me want one even more. I also thought it would be nice to have for Japan in keeping myself organized. But it wasn’t either of those things that made me do it… I was having such a hard time at work that, after realizing we were doing quite well with finances, I’d tell Ed if I was productive one evening I wanted to award myself and get something nice for me.

So a few days later, I went and ordered my pink Apple Watch with the blue and pink band.


I was expecting a much smaller box…

I joked that maybe it would arrive early and be Apples Valentine’s Day gift to me – and low and behold I got to pick it up on Valentines. I stayed in store longer than I had planned to get the walk through on how to use it. Then, with it now strapped on my wrist, I want back to work.

It was pretty much love at first … wear, I guess. Yeah, love at first wear.

The night before I had prepared my ‘environment’ for the upcoming addition… well, really I was finishing some house cleaning that I’d started that weekend as part of my ‘you can’t have it until you’ve done this’ goals. Cleaned up music and fixed up my calendar. The night before I picked it up I put all my work meetings in the calendar so my new watch would tell me everything.

So when I got it, that’s what it started to do. I noticed immediately that I was spending less time on the phone. The watch dings, I check what it has to tell me. No more of going on the phone for one thing and finding myself ten minutes later scrolling through my Facebook feed for the sixth time for no apparent reason.

My two big reason were for organization and to be a bit less connected, and more at the same time. To know when something comes up, and yet not to then spend forever going through all the apps and forgetting what you were supposed to be checking in the first place. To go on an errand and be confident you can find your meeting on your way back (my work computer craps out a lot at annoying times).

But I also find myself really liking the health benefits.

At first I didn’t think I’d use the health part of it so much, but now it’s one of my favourite features – especially because of how stressed I am. I’ve got mindfulness apps, exercise and step trackers, and calorie and nutrient trackers. I’ve got a couple of each and one negative thing I noticed is nothing is the same number-wise across the board. They are for the most part similar, so I’m testing them out for a bit to see which ones make sense and are easiest to use.

Anyways, I find – like I’m sure a few people do – the regular updates on my numbers, and achievements unlocked for reaching goals and the encouraging words every time I do something to encourage me to keep going. I also have it tell me that I need to get up and move if I’ve been sitting for over and hour, and it makes me stop and do deep breathing once every hour.

I used to have reminders in my work calendar… but never used them. The combination of the “good job!” when I’ve listened to the watch… and also getting to see how often I’ve disobeyed the watch (which I have actually been doing very rarely) make me want to do it more.

And it’s helping – at least stress-wise, it has helped to greatly reduce stress. But I feel it is also making me more confident that I can, in fact, improve my lifestyle.

Anyways – other features I like?

I like that it sense it’s ‘up angle’ and a wrist sensor that keeps it unlocked while wearing, and locked when off. I love the medical ID, it makes me feel comfortable, and I find it extremely easy to use.

I also like that it fits me… I thought I had itty bitty wrists. But it fits nicely.

Honestly, I’m not an Apple fangirl. I won’t tell you to get an Apple watch over other smart watches… this is just about life with one. And I feel more organized, confident and calm with it. I found it worth the hefty price tag, and feel like it absolutely will help change my lifestyle because it is facilitating the change.

I like the look of mine, I think it suits me. I do sometimes feel smarmy with the phone in my pocket playing music, the watch on my wrist and typing on my iPad during my commute… but I’ll deal with it, because it’s a perfectly fine price to pay for feeling like I have less on my mind at any moment in time during a time in my life that has a lot going on.


Plus, it is kind of fun to talk into your wrist like a secret agent!


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