Making Dinner Together

The February date I gifted Edward for Christmas was to make dinner together, so that is what we did for this past Valentines day.

Being in the kitchen is something I personally adore and grew up with. My parents are big foodies, and I have a lot of memories being in the kitchen with my mom while growing up.

Food is also something I brought into Ed’s life, as his parents had a very different take on the subject. So it became a big thing in our relationship – trying new foods and spending time in the kitchen together.

We wanted something romantic, but easy for Valentines – so we settled on a cheese fondue, with a side of baguettes and rillettes, and dessert of Rice Krispie bites.

It’s honestly great to be in the kitchen together – we’re working on cooperation, and we can talk and have fun. Cooking is one of the ways I relieve stress too, so it’s just a nice time away from the craziness of life together.


I always like experimenting, so we had a new cheese fondue recipe to try. We balanced the tasks of having to make the cheese dip and get all the dipping things ready – salami, apples, steamed cauliflowers, mini potatoes, Viennese sausages. I hadn’t thought of having salami before, but we came to the conclusion that an apple and salami dipped in cheese together is delicious.

Once we were pretty far along, I went to make rice krispies and Ed finished with the fondue – until I we switched right at the end again for Ed to form the bites and I made sure the cheese sauce was perfectly done.

Ed got out our Niagara glasses that we bought on our ‘mini honeymoon,’ the rillettes are an investment we make (along with a whole bunch of foie gras) every year at Toronto’s One Of A Kind Show, and we had a lovely meal chatting together and enjoying the fondue – it was perfect for us for Valentines, time spent together with no crazy rush or crowds.

Later we would cuddle and watch TV with a big bowl of rice krispies. Sometimes doing something special together doesn’t mean big and fancy, it just means something that special between the both of you. And for a day where there’s big crowds of people and it’s pretty commercialized, it was pretty perfect for us.





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