Snuggled up Sickies

I didn’t get my regular post in last night, because I was out with a really bad headache and felt miserable.

So I thought I’d get something quick and cute in before Ed got his post done.

Being sick sucks, but one of the things I love about Ed is how he dotes on me when I’m sick. He may give me a judging glare as I’m getting better and still refuse to leave my bundle of blankets, but he’s the sweetest otherwise.

His job allows him to come home earlier in the day… so when I’m sick he’ll leave me enough food for the start of the day (and my tea in a thermos) and I’ll just stayed curled up in bed until he gets back. At which point he will make more tea and cuddle.

But other than bringing me food and allowing me to be the biggest suck when I’m sick, he lets me know my total flopping is okay. When I get sad I haven’t done anything or worry about the next day he’ll remind me that I need to take care of myself, and that taking this time is fine. He may encourage activity as I improve, but most of the time he makes sure I don’t be my usual self and attempt to return to normal before I’m ready.

When we’re sick together, the house is a pretty big patheti-fest… but we make sure we both know that if the house gets all messy and we fall to making all of our easy back-up meals, that’s fine. Expecting ourselves to not get sick is silly… and supporting each other in the rougher times is essential.

Or the pathetic times…

And that includes letting each other know that taking a break isn’t a failure, and that you’ll be each others’ rocks to lean against while you get yourself back up.

And it means cuddling with someone, even when they sound like the plague. Because cuddles are the best when you’re not so much.


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