Prepping the Pets for your time away

It’s hard for one to leave the furry ones behind when you go on vacation – but it’s even harder for them. Animals can’t comprehend the separation, and will need some special care while you’re gone.

Our three are completely different personalities. Juju will cuddle with just about everyone and on the outside will probably seem fine. But at home she gets to sleep on the bed with us and gets regular wrestling she will probably not get while we’re gone – and she will notice.

Kooky is a pack dog, and we’re the pack he’s been with the longest. From experience we know he lasts about 12 hours before he starts waiting by the door for us to return. Minette is our little queen, but she’s been my girl wince elementary. Last time I was gone for an extended period she properly learned to meow to get the affection I normally gave.


Such a tough life for this royalty… she needs spoiling 24/7.

The fact is, they live with you as family and they are used to your behaviors and their home. If you leave they do not have any way to understand where you’ve gone and will be negatively affected by the separation. If you’re going to go – it’s best to give them the most comfort possible.

Make sure they have some of their home with them. Favourite beds, favourite toys, etc. Something that will absolutely remind them of you. If possible, let them stay with or be taken care of someone familiar – a familiar sent and companion may make they a little less stressed.

Also make sure that whoever is looking after them can replicate their schedules as much as possible – walk times, feed times, etc. To make them as comfortable as possible you need to limit the changes – obviously your absence is a huge one and if they are at another home the new place is a huge difference, from there on you want to limit any further changes. So making sure their schedule is kept will be important..

If you can, leave them something with your scent. A sweater or blanket for them to curl up in. It may sound silly, but the scent will comfort them in your absence.

If you can also leave your voice that’s good too – or find a way to connect. Perhaps using something like Skype, if it doesn’t alter your voice too much. But be careful with this – hearing your voice and not seeing you may confuse them.

What you’ll hear most often is to make where there are as much like home as possible for them, and that’s what you need to go with. But remember – you are part of home too, the most important part. They aren’t going to be happy until you’re back!


The furry family’s favourite part of a trip is cuddling when everyone is home again!


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