Street Art, Landmarks and Dessert for Two

I promised yesterday that we were still taking some us-time this weekend, despite not doing the stay-in date we planned for yesterday. And we did!

Caitlin had been commissioned by one of her friends to take a nice photo of Toronto landmark Honest Ed’s – before, sadly, it’s demolished to make way for a new development.

So we decided to have a little fun while we were there!

Honest Ed’s is/was in a great location – Bloor Street West, home to tons of interesting shops and restaurants, and literally across the street from Snakes and Lattes – another Toronto landmark, at least for geeks and board game aficionados like us!

We went for a nice walk up and down the street, making sure to snag Pokemon and stops on Go as we went (see “for geeks like us”, above). We originally planned to go inside to see the art experience Honest Ed’s had been transformed into, but there were lines around the block! We probably should have seen that coming – the celebratory/farewell events, ending today, also made parking anywhere nearby a nightmare.


Yep, that’s all people lining up to get in. If it hadn’t been so cold & windy, we might have toughed it out.

One stop we always make when we walk the area is Midoco Art & Office Supplies – carrying everything from cute & chintzy gifts to high-quality painting and other art essentials, we were hoping to find an art carrier for our upcoming trip. Nothing quite fit the bill in terms of size, though. It’s a lot of fun just so see the variety though – albeit, if you’re like us, it might be better to avoid lest you end up with 15 novelty pencil sharpeners!

We took several detours through the alleys and side-streets, too – me to test out a camera I got from my parents as a gift, Caitlin to hunt for graffiti and doorways to shoot. It’s worth doing – it’s an affluent and safe area, but there’s a staggering array of street art you can see. It’s a nice window into this subculture and also, if you weave through the side-streets, a chance to see the old historical buildings that make the Annex such a neat part of the city.


Honest Ed’s itself is a treasure trove of hidden Easter eggs while it lasts. This juxtaposition of messages was pretty poignant to me.

We planned to follow up the art experience in Honest Ed’s with a sweet treat at Snakes & Lattes, but true to form they were absolutely jam-packed by the time we got there. On the flip side, it makes us happy to see all parts of the tabletop game industry doing so well! So, we decided to make our date a two-parter instead – we came home and looked after the dogs, then went out for dinner at a more local desert cafe we had been wanting to try for ages.

The ambiance was great, and dinner was pretty good too. If we had been in a hurry we might have complained about the speed of service, but the whole point of going out like this was to have some quiet us-time to reflect and relax together. And you can’t go far wrong with chocolate fudge cake or salted-caramel chocolate tart!




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