Everything you can do… Japan can rock harder?

Japan seems to have a tradition for taking foreign concepts and improving them – sometimes to the embarrassment of the nation which treated said concept as a national point of pride.

Trains? How about bullet trains which run accurate almost to the second?

Baseball? Turns out Japan is ranked 1st in the World Baseball Classic standings (the only form of baseball not widely known or popular in the USA… which ranks 8th).

As a tangent to research before our big trip, I discovered that Japan’s rock and metal music scene is… pretty amazing.

Sex Pistols? Please. Japan has the Sex Machineguns. Really.

French maids shredding on guitars? Check.

Thugged-out baseball gang from an 80’s high school movie laying down the nu-something-core version of a diss track? Okay, Sand really, really isn’t my thing, but it exists. So yeah.





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