Prepping Your Pet-Sitters

Whether you’ve found a doggy day care for your furry family, or have a human family member (or friend) looking after them, there’s a lot of particulars you know of your animal companions that your chosen pet sitter may not.

Making sure you’ve provided what you can to keep your pets comfortable is only half of the equation – you also want to provide you pet sitters with as much information as possible to make them comfortable.

If you’ve done your best for both parties, you’ll have the best scenario possible.

So what information should your pet sitters receive? Here’s a little list you can follow (not including the obvious stuff!):

  1. Vet Information. Phone numbers, addresses and any health information they’ve provided. You may want to consider letting your regular vets know about the vacation.
  2. Medication. If your pet has any medication, let them know about it, the prescription (provide enough for your absence though), and the best way to administer.
  3. Food brands. Do your best to give them enough for your trip, but just in case let them know the exact brand they eat and if it’s hard to find, where to get it. You should also either leave money or determine a way to track and pay back the cost of any food bought.
  4. Routine particulars. You should let your pet sitter know your pets routine no matter, but let them know anything that may change their actions or behaviours – for example, if our Kooks isn’t let out right before bed he will wake us up at ungodly hours.
  5. Dislikes. Can you think of anything your pets don’t like? You may be used to it, but let your pet sitter know too. There may be places they don’t like to be touched, places they don’t like to walk, or treats they won’t eat. Maybe there are even noises that really bother them – if our neighbours have an alarm beeping, our two dogs go really haywire when it hits their ears.
  6. Habits and Quirks. Let your pet sitters know how your animals act when they are uncomfortable or in pain (or if they tend to hide it, like our Kooks does), or any other odd or strange thing they may do that may affect their care (like our kitty Minette who may get very vocal when waking up from a nap and is either demanding food or cuddles, right this moment!).

Add this to how to feed, walk routine and daily care info and your pet sitters should be pretty set for caring for your fluffy darlings while you’re gone.

Japan is getting so close! We are going to miss our furry family, but it’s so exciting!!


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