Board Game Apps

As Japan is coming up, and we’re not planning on packing board games for the big trip, for this particular post I’m going to pick my personal favourite board game tablet apps that allow for multi-player, so geeky couples and families like us can keep playing their favourite board games on the go – without travelling so heavy.

The first game app I’ll talk about it Stone Age. It has a pass-and-play feature that’s pretty easy to get to, and either an easy walk through or, if you know the rules, it’s pretty easy to get the mechanics of the app. Digital dice seem to have less of a personality than real dice, so you’ll find that mechanic pretty fair – and the pass and play makes it really easy – just put it on a table and pass back and forth and you’re fine!

Or, for two people, just put it on a surface between you and it’s fine to play. The graphics are big enough and easy enough that you don’t need to hold it close or zoom to figure it out.

The next one I’ll mention is Splendor. It’s a new one I added recently looking for more games to add to my collection before going on the trip. Again, it’s big graphics are pretty easy to play and the mechanics are simple enough to pick up if you know the game. Pretty easy to find the multi-player version too.

The one thing I’ll mention is that it took me a while to realize that the numbers at the bottom you had to add together to get the total purchase power of that colour… I would’ve done better on my first game had I realized that the first time around! That and I realized afterwards that on my turn it highlights the cards in green I can afford… I should play tutorials more often!

The last on my list is a favourite for Ed and I – Lords of Waterdeep. We LOVE this game, and the app is amazing. It’s got great graphics (a bit more squint-worthy, but there’s a lot it has to show and it has some great zoom options for reading) and is well thought out. The game itself has a lot of pieces so it is nice to have an easy-to-clean version – though for regular playing we do just use the boxed game.

It has fun additions, like choices of a whole bunch of avatars from the game art, etc. It has little animated touches every so often as well.

The one comment I and a few people I know have, is that it seems to be too easy. We’re not sure how, but the AI version seems to be easy to beat, no matter how hard you put the settings. Or maybe we all just play it too much…

This one is easy-enough to understand how to make it ‘multiplayer,’ though the set-up is a little more complicated and I found it a little buggy when trying to make it do something the other games don’t have an option for – combining people players with AIs! I appreciate Ed and I being able to play with added AIs, and its got a great feature to protect the private cards you need to keep private.

By far, Lords of Waterdeep is the best board game app I’ve played yet.

Are there any you’d recommend for geeks-on-the-go??


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  1. kwenzqoatl · March 12, 2017

    These where good recommendations.


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