Gonna Miss These Floofs

The hardest thing about getting ready for Japan hasn’t been packing for mountains, beaches and everything in between, or the language and distance hurdles, or making sure our co-workers won’t let things descend into anarchy while we’re away.

By a wide margin, it’s getting ready for a whole month without our pets.

The longest we’ve both been away from them at a time has been a week, when we went to England together two autumns ago. More recently, our mini-honeymoon to Niagara-on-the-Lake meant we didn’t see them for three full days (and most of a fourth).

Other posts covered all the steps we’re taking to make sure they’re comfortable – having people comfortable with their routines and habits, all the right food, medications and toys on hand, but it doesn’t cover just how hard it is to be away from them for so long. We know Kooks is going to be the most anxious, followed by Mini… Juju will just curl up next to anyone that’s warm and snuggle, but even she’s going to miss us.

We’ve considered Skyping them when we have good-enough wifi at our hotels, so they can hear our voices and see us – we’re hopeful that doing so won’t make them confused or anxious.

We’re so excited, and so close now! But we are cherishing the time we have with all our floofs while we can.


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