What am I Looking Forward to Most in Japan?

We’re doing a LOT I’m excited about. Crazy experiences, beautiful places, it’s going to be an amazing adventure. My photographer’s joy is coming out as I can’t wait to go shutter-wild there and see what images I can bring back!

As we keep planning, I find myself currently drawn to a couple things – maybe because a bit more planning was required for them, maybe because we had to do recent research – I’m not sure. But here right now are the top three things on my mind when I think about the upcoming trip to Japan:

  1. Food. My family are foodies and they raised me on good food and being adventurous with flavours. And Japan is a culinary destination to be sure. Whether it be their unique mochi deserts, the fresh fish, the rare beef… I am so excited. I really want to try some shabu-shabu (Japanese hot pot) and am looking forward to trying a variety of ramen. The meal I’m most excited for right now is the Kobe beef we plan to eat in Kobe (I’m not excited for what it’ll cost us!) and I know the sushi and sashimi I have here won’t be the same after Japan. I also doubt we’ll find an authentic kaiseki after Japan either (a traditional multi-course meal), another experience I’m excited for – and this is all just scratching at the very tip of what we’ll find. Street food, too, gets me excited – as apparently it’ll be nothing at all like what I can find here at home. As a foodie at heart, I’m hoping this culinary journey will bring me home all revved up to be back in the kitchen more often, something I don’t give myself the luxury of doing very often.
  2. Naoshima. Part of my excitement here is the hotel – we’re staying in one of the art museums. Such a unique experience! I’m excited to be surrounded by art and stay in luxury – I’m excited to see the water-y view from our room. But the fact that this is an art island gets me all excited too – what a unique concept! I’m really excited to see what it has to offer, and to have a relaxing time exploring all the museums and outdoor pieces.
  3. Takayama. For being someone living in the ‘burbs almost all my life (except for a short stint in the city… and a short stint in the south of France), I really like being near oceans or mountains in a more serene environment. Takayama has made me all excited as it’s our mountain stop. We’re super psyched as it looks like we can actually do a day trip to nearby Kamikochi (and there’s an insane ropeway and lookout nearby too – Shinhotaka Ropeway – that we hope we can also get to), but Takayama is also really neat – with tons of history and spots to explore in its own right. Our hotel backs onto a park with castle ruins and temples to explore, and walking distance from it is a historical village. Also walking distance is a gorgeous historical street with a unique aesthetic – so we’re so excited to have almost stumbled into a a perfect set up for some history hiking!

The lookout at the end of the Shinhotaka ropeway. We may freak out all the way there… but we still both very much want to go!
(Picture from Japan Guide http://www.japan-guide.com/)

Like I said, we’re super excited in general… this is just what I’m thinking about right now!!





  1. Evangelina · March 14, 2017

    You have good reason to be excited. You are in for a total treat! Japan is everything you imagined and more. We went last year and completely loved it.


    • Edward · March 20, 2017

      Thank you! Where did you go for your trip?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Evangelina · March 20, 2017

        We went to Tokyo and Kyoto. Both very different from each other but stunning in their way.


  2. Dacian · March 20, 2017

    Sounds exciting!


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