One Piece Figures

We’re both huge fans of collectibles; and, really, all sorts of small objects with history, character, or connection to something we love. But (among many others), one thing we’re definitely looking out for in Japan are figures from One Piece. It was the first anime we got into in a big way together (Pokemon doesn’t count), and there’s some really amazing figures out there.

We’ve considered cosplaying as Nami and Zoro before, but there’s a ton of other characters we’d like figures of too. And, it’s not like there’s any shortage of different lines for a given character. We picked up a pair of figures in sharp 30’s-gangster-ish attire at FanExpo; it would be an easy look to pull off, and a lot more practical than many of the other options (see below…).


Classy! Also, Liger Zero Schneider type Zoid in the background.

Finding little figures like this is great for outfit inspiration – you get a tactile, 360-degree view of the outfit and any gear for when you get serious about cosplaying, but also just get a cool and relatively inexpensive figure to add to the collection in the meantime.

Personally, I’d also love to find a large-scale Zoro to match Caitlin’s Nami made by Bandai, which enjoys a place of honour on her desk.


If they weren’t so bulky, we’d also consider bringing back models of some of the ships from the show – there’s some really exceptional(ly wacky) Pirate, Navy and other ships portrayed on the show, and it would be fun to ad to our ‘fleet’ which we started with the Going Merry.


Admittedly, we should really *build* the Going Merry first….

These model kits are a whole other can of worms – I was once extremely tempted by an enormous (and eye-watering-grade expensive) Space Battleship Yamato kit, and Caitlin’s gorgeous (if fiendishly tricky to fit together) Liger Zero master’s model is another line we hope to add to.

Another trend in Japan that’s caught on in force over here are blind boxes. A lot of them we’ll probably pass over, but we’ll definitely keep our eyes out for quirky, rare, or just interesting ones where we won’t be disappointed no matter what the luck of the draw turns up. No matter what, expect some new One Piece figures to show up on our desks and shelves at the start of May!



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