Are we ‘fit’ for Japan?

Something we’re going to doing a lot of in Japan is walking. We’re gonna be on our feet a lot. And, we’re going to probably be up and out the door earlier quite a bit to make the most of our time there. So, are are we feeling fit enough for it? Are we nervous?

Actually, we’re excited! Partly, because we do try to stay pretty active day-to-day… and secondly, because we’re actually looking forward to what the trip will do for us long-term.

What am I on about?

Well, some parts of our routine we’re pretty happy with – walking to dogs is great exercise and nice time with the floofs…. even when Kooks gets spooked by car after insisting on doing his business as close to the road as possible, and Juju decides she has to sniff every single sign post. Besides our time with them, I’m in the field, and thus on my feet, pretty much every day for work. Caitlin takes regular walks at work, and walks to work from the train station every chance she gets. So it’s not like we’re unaccustomed to walking more than a hundred paces a day!

That said, other parts of our daily schedule we’re still working on. Too late to bed, rushing in the morning, not taking the time for things like relaxation exercises and meditation – symptoms of a busy life, a digital world, and, being honest… some bad habits which are hard to break.

And when you think about it, any life change takes motivation… which is why we’re looking forward to Japan. Turns out that, no matter how much you like your job, you’ll probably be less motivated to get up early and get to the office than you would to go out and freaking explore Japan. That’s a heck of a way to start a positive cycle!

There’s another oft-quoted tidbit about making life changes – that it takes six weeks. We’re in Japan for four and a half.

So, not just an amazing honeymoon, but a chance to make a start on a long-term improvement to how we go about life in general? That’s definitely what we’re aiming for – using our time there as a stepping stone to improve our life when we get home. It’s definitely something we’re going to report back on after the trip, to see how we’re doing on that track!




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