Zoids Master Models

I never actually got through the full show, but when I was a teenager I loved the Zoids: New Century series. The big piloted animal robots were so cool and even though I remember the writing being stereo-typically cheesy, I loved the zoids to no end.

I also loved the build-able models you could get while the show was around. But, the best ones were expensive and not easy to find in Canada and when young I got only the couple I could afford.

It wasn’t until I met Ed, and as a gift for me he went hunting for the “Master Models.”

Abbreviated to HMM (Highend Master Model), these build-it-yourself kits were a joint project with Kotobukiya, and came in hundreds of tiny pieces to snap together (no gluing required).

Although they had no battery powered action like other figures, they are fully reticulated with dozens of insane joints and therefore become insanely pose-able.


They also look SO good.

Ed got me the star of the New Century series, Liger Zero, and the many forms to switch on and off. Curently he wears my favourite of the set – the Schneider armour. He’s a 1/72 scale replica and I usually have him posed like he’s using his Buster Slash. I LOVE him.

2017-03-23 00.22.51

They are, I will openly admit, a fiddly, tricky, curse-inducing build. The instructions are actually pretty easy to follow and you don’t need to know Japanese to follow them (they do not have English instructions… at least, mine didn’t). But the beautiful style and pose-ability of these models are also their curse as I would regularly break parts I had just put together trying to further assemble, and would have to fix that before moving forward.

They stay that fragile as well. Just in taking photos for this post I had to put a couple pieces back on that I accidentally snapped off. That’s why he’s so dusty… I’m too scared to dust him!


So you can get a look at all the parts… and all the dust 😦

Oh, but I think they are so worth it. I do love fiddly work, even with all my cursing, and I love to build, and it feels so good to have such a beautiful result after hours of hard work.

I love them… and I am keeping my fingers crossed to find more in Japan to ship home and build in my spare time!! I keep hoping!!!!


Looks so good in our collection!




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