The Upcoming Trip – Itinerary + Blog Changes

Tomorrow morning, we’re off to the airport. We’ll be gone for the whole month! Just how busy have we been getting ready? Busy enough to have posts written but get too jammed to post them, two nights running?


So, post is about two things – sharing our itinerary about where we’re going, and explaining what’s happening with the blog while we’re away. And, it’s a bit longer than our usual Monday fare by way of apology for being quiet over the weekend!

Japan Filled


The trip starts, of course, with a loooooooong flight to Tokyo, and, after a layover, a much shorter flight down to Naha, on the small island of Okinawa.

You can see from the map that we’re actually closer to Taipei in Taiwan than we are to mainland Japan! We’ve got a few days on Okinawa to enjoy the early-summer weather and see, among other things, the world’s largest aquarium. After that, we’re taking another flight back to Fukuoka, then a train to Hiroshima.

We’re just in Hiroshima as a stop-over, but we hope to have enough time in the afternoon/evening to see some of the powerful memorials to peace and the victims of nuclear war. From there, we’re off to Naoshima – an island so small it doesn’t show on the map, but home to Benesse House and some amazing art projects and galleries.

When we leave Naoshima (there’s a regular ferry) we’re headed to Osaka, mainly using it as a base of operations to see Nara, Kobe, and Koya. Osaka is also very close to our next stop – Kyoto! The spiritual capital of Japan, Kyoto is home to over 2,000 shrines and temples. We’ve got a traditional Taiko drumming class there, and during our stay of a few days there and might make a day-trip to Kinosaki.

From Kyoto, it’s on to Nagoya, and then up into the mountains – Takayama, and weather permitting, we’ll take a bus into the mountains proper and explore Kamikochi. The Takayama areas is home to two beautiful museum villages, one of which is still a working traditional town, so we’ve got lots to do and see even if we can’t get out to Kamikochi. After Takayama, we have a looooong trip back towards Tokyo. Our first two days are in the outskirts, staying in Yokohama, and we’ll take a couple day-trips from there, including to the Hakone area.

Then, it’s six full days in Tokyo proper. We’ll be taking day trips out of town (STUDIO GHIBLI MUSEUM!), and into the many other districts and sub-regions of Tokyo.

So what about the blog?

We’ll be taking a couple days off as we fly in/out and after we land – 13-hour time difference to get used to, going there and coming back – but other than that that we’ll be continuing daily posting!

It’ll be short posts – expect a few photos, some interesting facts or trivia we’ve learned, or a quick paragraph about an interesting experience or encounter we’ve had.

While we will be keeping up the posting consistently, there is that big time difference… so it won’t anything like our usual evening EST timing for when posts go up.

So stay tuned!




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  1. Dacian · March 28, 2017

    Sounds exciting!


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