Japan Journal #2: Spur-of-the-Moment Memories

(By Edward, to save logging in-and-out on Caitlin’s devices).

We’ve had two fantastic days so far here on Okinawa, and the biggest single experience, that we have been looking forward to for months, has exceeded all expectations.

That would be the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium – being so closed to such a diversity of sea life, and especially having the enormous whale sharks swim past and even ABOVE us, was really an experience.

But, some of our most memorable experiences so far have been ones that were, if not completely spontaneous, definitely spur of the moment.

After the aquarium yesterday, we stopped at an observatory attached to a resort with an underwater viewing area – fast-walking to make it just before last admittance, seeing the amazing range of sea life, and then high-tailing it back through a tropical rainstorm was all kinds of cool.

You can almost taste the sea water!

You can actually taste the sea water!

The day before, we had a similar experience at Shinto-jo, the castle in Naha. Last admittance was 5:30 – we arrived at 5:27, and the parking attendant radioed ahead to a security guard who must have been in his 70s – who proceeded to RUN uphill all the way to the ticket office, taking shortcuts behind historical buildings, to make sure we got in on time. THAT is something I won’t forget anytime soon!


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