Japan Journal #3: Kokusai-Dori

We saw it for the first time yesterday as we drove back to our hotel. Glittering shops all done up in neon lights, ridiculous colours, loud music. It was nutty, it felt more like Niagara Falls than what we were expecting of Okinawa.

Today we went and walked it. Most of the shops sold the exact same thing, most of it food or kitsch. We tried out a few snacks (most were really good, just very rich!) and stopped to eat at a cafe.

Some of the shops were definitely insanely bright and we went in a few and looked around, but didn’t buy anything. This was mostly just a fun trip to explore. It does seem to mostly sell to tourists, so if you’re looking for you’re kitsch and a fun time in the neon lights, def check it out!

2017-04-01 11.33.32

A bright shop

2017-04-01 11.43.55

A treat shop


Kokusai in the evening, by car.


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