Japan Journal #6: Catch up time

We’ve not been posting lately (sorry!), because on top of travelling we were both sick – bleh. Being sick while travelling sucks.

Luckily, we found/ran into some good things. One hotel actually had meds ready so when Ed asked where to get Tylenol they just gave us some.

Later we were able to find more ourselves, I also tried some lemon tea. Ed’s pretty much all better now, I’m still on the last crappy parts of sniffles and coughs.

What else happened other than being sick? A lot.

We were in Osaka for 5 nights, and used it as a hub to make a few day trips. We went to Nara and saw the deer and had an amazing Kaiseki meal at a more traditional style restaurant. Total class.

We also took a day trip to Kobe – that was the day that really took me out as it rained all day and once back I was down for the count. But before that we got to see a very interesting town, a hint of Europe in Japan. And we had an amazing Kobe beef meal. So incredible!

No we’ve landed in Kyoto. After our first full day, we’re excited to have a few more days to explore… it’s more relaxing to not have to move out bags for a few days, stay put for a bit.

Big sigh of relief.

We’ll go back to our regular posts on what’s been interesting as of tomorrow.



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