About Edward

Name: Edward

AKA: Lord Reaver, my online gaming handle.

Schooling: Bachelors of Science in Toxicology.

Day job: Team lead for energy auditors at an LED Lighting company.

Other jobs: Writing this blog! And sometimes doing tree/yard work for family…

Favourite meal: Japanese food (not just sushi!), or really really really good artisanal pizza.

Vice: Caitlin, our pets, video games and sci-fi novels.

Top 5 interests: Travel, cars, science, games, and nature.

Plays to much: World of Tanks, World of Warships, Subnautica.

Watches too much: Metal music videos, “Let’s Play” channels.

Top 3 board games: ASDFGHHH!! 3??? Champions of Midgard, Takenoko, and Mysterium right now.

Top 3 video games: Of the moment, Subnautica, Pokemon Sun/Moon, and the Borderlands franchise. Of all time… that’s much trickier.

Five most visited sites: Ignoring things like Facebook and Youtube… CarAndDriver, Top Gear, StarDestroyer, Questionable Content and NotAlways[].

Fanboy over: Cars, sci-fi, anime, games, geek icons, cool new science and tech… you name it!

Read any fanfic?: On and off.

Can’t live without: Caitlin! And of course my family and friends (both two and four legged).

Strength: An analytical mind, being rational and breaking down complex problems.

Weakness: An analytical mind, being (too) rational and robot-y.

Odd quirks?: CONSTANTLY straightening things… especially when playing games (cards, tiles…). Other players often get annoyed.

Ideal date: A full day with a hike in the wilderness, food truck lunch, stroll through an interesting neighbourhood, Sushi or Viet-Thai dinner, home for cuddles and games. (Yes, I copy-pasted that from Caitlin’s About Me page. Yes, it’s honestly my perfect date too!)

Favourite thing about Caitlin: Not fair. She’s far too amazing for me to single out one thing.