About The Blog

Welcome kind person, to Achievement Unlocked: Geeks in Love!

Caitlin here, the red-headed lady-person of the Toronto-based duo who writes this here blog. And I’m just here to explain how AU came to be and what you can expect in its pages.

Edward and I both love to write, love to explore and try new things, and love to be the geeks that we are. We know we are very different than many around us, seemingly crossing from introvert to extrovert depending on where we are, being both laid back and organized, into new-age gear and antiques, mushy romantics that don’t get any of the love-life traditions, taking every day as it comes while also constantly planning for the future.

We are both very confident in who we are, and in our partnership. We’re still young (mid twenties), but have been together for several years, have lived together since our relationship was two years old, and have dealt through many, many big events together… from the good (graduations, new homes, new jobs and promotions) to the very bad (bad landlords, car accidents, unemployment and mental illness).

We’ve come to find out, in the past several years, that our passions and interests are growing more popular, our opinions less bizarre and our lifestyle choices would be interesting to those who share our tastes and mindsets…

Or even those that say they don’t, but really are!

(Edward and I seem to be really good at converting others into geeks!)

When we got engaged, some of our family and friends encouraged us to get back to the blogging world (we had been a part of it before) and share our stories and thoughts – especially as we were planning a wedding in, of course, a very ‘us style.’

A very geeky wedding. Very down home and home grown. All self-planned and done. All laid-back and full of fun.

But our wedding will not be the start, nor the end, of our geeky relationship so we thought we’d expand this to all of our life.

You don’t have to take any advice or agree with how we live… but if you are interested, we’ll be talking about such things as:

  • How we keep the romance alive
  • Our favourite board games to play
  • How we keep track of our finances
  • DIYs we enjoyed making
  • Fun dates we went on
  • How we organize our life
  • Geeky events we’ve gone to
  • Our strong opinions on much of life
  • What we think of love and romance
  • Our video game obsessions
  • How we keep healthy and in shape
  • How to do a DIY geeky wedding that is all we dream of but won’t break our banks or break our spirits beforehand
  • How we live as a geeky couple in wonderful harmony

If you think these sorts of thing are on your wavelength then please join us and have a read! We’ll love to have you along on the journey.

Red meeple beside blue meeple, with fire opal engagement ring between them, a heart shape on the side band. Typically I play red, and he plays blue. Oh yeah, ad that's my ring!! <3

Typically I play red, and Ed plays blue.
Oh yeah, and that’s my ring!! ❤