The Upcoming Trip – Itinerary + Blog Changes

Tomorrow morning, we’re off to the airport. We’ll be gone for the whole month! Just how busy have we been getting ready? Busy enough to have posts written but get too jammed to post them, two nights running?


So, post is about two things – sharing our itinerary about where we’re going, and explaining what’s happening with the blog while we’re away. And, it’s a bit longer than our usual Monday fare by way of apology for being quiet over the weekend!

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Are we ‘fit’ for Japan?

Something we’re going to doing a lot of in Japan is walking. We’re gonna be on our feet a lot. And, we’re going to probably be up and out the door earlier quite a bit to make the most of our time there. So, are are we feeling fit enough for it? Are we nervous?

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What am I Looking Forward to Most in Japan?

Caitlin has already talked about what she’s most looking forward to in Japan. What about me? The whole experience is going to be amazing, but even so there are some parts I’m especially looking forwards to.

You can be sure that after we’re back and have recovered and digested, we’ll report back on if things stayed true to our expectations, or if we had unexpected stand-outs. For now, though, what’s at the top of my list?

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GAME REVIEW: Tokaido (Deluxe Edition!)

Tokaido was once the most important road in Japan, connecting Kyoto with Edo (now Tokyo); travelling the length of the road (on foot!) was celebrated as a spiritual journey. In modern times, a bullet train line bearing the same name and travelling the same route can cover the distance (over 450 km, or 280 miles) in as little as 2 hours and 22 minutes and speeds of up to 285 km/h (177 mph). From 1964-2012, the train line carried 5.3 billion passengers.

The game bearing the historic name isn’t nearly so break-neck paced, but Tokaido still manages that odd balance of being neck-and-neck competitive, and quietly contemplative at the same time.


May your journey be one of a lifetime!

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One Piece Figures

We’re both huge fans of collectibles; and, really, all sorts of small objects with history, character, or connection to something we love. But (among many others), one thing we’re definitely looking out for in Japan are figures from One Piece. It was the first anime we got into in a big way together (Pokemon doesn’t count), and there’s some really amazing figures out there.

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