The Japan “Journal”

When Ed and I travelled to Nova Scotia, we brought along a journal that we used to track our activities and how much everything cost. The little journal kept us on track for our road trip, and in the end we ended up being well under budget.

For Japan, we know the budget is already gone before we even touch down in the country because we kept saying “hey, it’s our honeymoon!”

And as much as we’re going to let loose and have fun, we need to make sure we don’t let “hey, it’s our honeymoon!” go to far.

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Organization Strategies for Japan

Putting everything together for our trip has been a real effort, and just like for our wedding we used a variety of tools and strategies to keep on top of everything (mostly). If you’re planning a big trip or event of your own, or are just curious how we did it, here’s a few of our tactics… Read More

The Japan Packing List

Packing is most certainly a complicated task requiring strategy and diplomacy.

Due to Japan’s location and unique makeup, Edward and I will be travelling together for a month in a country where we will experience beaches and mountains, summer-like sun and winter-like cold (and maybe even snow).

And yet, as mentioned earlier, we are going to try getting all of our stuff in 2 carry-ons (we’re looking into if we can also have a personal item for the flights) and 1 fairly big suitcase.

So what’s on our list to cover it all?

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Posts Incoming!

We’ve both had a pretty crazy few days – Caitlin especially. Between work, health, and the realization of just how close to Japan we are, our posting schedule has gotten a bit wonky. Caitlin’s blog post from yesterday is coming tomorrow – look out for it around Noon (EST).

She’s also got a big night out with work tomorrow, so you can expect tomorrow’s post to be up a little earlier in the day than usual.

My regular post for today will also be upcoming on Friday – two days of double posts for all you readers!