Prepping Your Pet-Sitters

Whether you’ve found a doggy day care for your furry family, or have a human family member (or friend) looking after them, there’s a lot of particulars you know of your animal companions that your chosen pet sitter may not.

Making sure you’ve provided what you can to keep your pets comfortable is only half of the equation – you also want to provide you pet sitters with as much information as possible to make them comfortable.

If you’ve done your best for both parties, you’ll have the best scenario possible.

So what information should your pet sitters receive? Here’s a little list you can follow (not including the obvious stuff!):

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Communicating With Pets

This week has been beyond crazy. We know, we’re a bit behind! We’re sorry! A combination of unexpectedly hectic work, and expected things at work being unexpectedly time-consuming or draining, have us both reeling a bit. But, regular service resumes – with some make-up posts coming, too.

Another thing that’s conspired against me this week as been a few broken nights thanks to a certain agitated, whiny husky.


Not pictured: agitation and/or whining.

But it serves to illustrate a point we’ve found ourselves talking about recently – how pets ‘talk’ to us, and how sometimes they train us as much as we train them.

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Prepping the Pets for your time away

It’s hard for one to leave the furry ones behind when you go on vacation – but it’s even harder for them. Animals can’t comprehend the separation, and will need some special care while you’re gone.

Our three are completely different personalities. Juju will cuddle with just about everyone and on the outside will probably seem fine. But at home she gets to sleep on the bed with us and gets regular wrestling she will probably not get while we’re gone – and she will notice.

Kooky is a pack dog, and we’re the pack he’s been with the longest. From experience we know he lasts about 12 hours before he starts waiting by the door for us to return. Minette is our little queen, but she’s been my girl wince elementary. Last time I was gone for an extended period she properly learned to meow to get the affection I normally gave.


Such a tough life for this royalty… she needs spoiling 24/7.

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The Responsibility to Pets

It’s Friend’s Day, so I thought it was great time to talk about our four-legged friends, and in particular, our responsibility to them.

Nothing makes me more scared than the thought of not being able to look after a pet when they need it most, for the simple reason that pets are family. And, frankly, people who don’t get that have no business owning one.

Blunt, but fair? This is why I think so…

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The Heart Frame

We’ve done a few things after the wedding to preserve memories of the big day. Clear Christmas ornaments filled with pieces of the decor and invites; a shadow box filled with some of our most precious mementos. But one of my favourites, and one we had a ton of fun making, is the heart frame.


Lots of happy thoughts & memories!

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