Zoids Master Models

I never actually got through the full show, but when I was a teenager I loved the Zoids: New Century series. The big piloted animal robots were so cool and even though I remember the writing being stereo-typically cheesy, I loved the zoids to no end.

I also loved the build-able models you could get while the show was around. But, the best ones were expensive and not easy to find in Canada and when young I got only the couple I could afford.

It wasn’t until I met Ed, and as a gift for me he went hunting for the “Master Models.”

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One Piece Figures

We’re both huge fans of collectibles; and, really, all sorts of small objects with history, character, or connection to something we love. But (among many others), one thing we’re definitely looking out for in Japan are figures from One Piece. It was the first anime we got into in a big way together (Pokemon doesn’t count), and there’s some really amazing figures out there.

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The Adorable Metal-Finding Robot!

We already posted about our craft date, and Caitlin already wrote about her amazing DIY camera. What did I work on (while not helping her in the how-is-anyone-supposed-to-do-this-with-two-hands moments)?



“BEHOLD! THE METAL-DETECTOR-ROBOT-INATOR!” We may have been watching way too many old Phineas & Ferb episodes recently.

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Camera Craft – Konstruktor

Ed got me this camera construction kit as a gift last Christmas – I thought it was really cool as I love tinkering and love photography (and my camera collection has been growing with a goal of starting to repair vintage cameras), but I hadn’t had a chance to make it yet. I knew I’d want to review it for a blog post… and recently things have been tough and tiring between work, goals and getting ready for Japan.


The kit is called ‘konstrucktor.’

So Ed and I decided to do a ‘craft together’ date, and I would work on the camera. So excited to get rolling!

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Filler post – I stressed shopped

Hi everyone! No usual post tonight because I’ve had a hard week, and was not up to making the craft I was going to review tonight. I will do so tomorrow.

I was so stressed out I did a stress shop… and when I stress shop, I buy games! (Don’t judge me too hard, there was a sale).

Here’s what I got… and a pics of the interior of two boxes from people who know how to package games! Such satisfaction – good end to the day.