Some Studio Ghibli Tonight

Japan is getting ever closer! And we’re so excited.

One of the things we have tickets for is the Studio Ghibli Museum. Long ago and far away, my relationship with Studio Ghibli (and the amazing director Hayao Miyazaki) started when my family rented Howl’s Moving Castle from Blockbuster (that dates this story!). We watched it, and didn’t get it. But there was something about the movie I had loved – well, actually, there was a lot. The characters, the amazing animation and the oodles of creativity in every little piece.

So I watched it a couple more times. Finally, I turned on subtitles to catch the fast, and sometimes quiet, lines I couldn’t quite catch before. Now I got it. And I really LOVED it. It remains my favourite Ghibli movie to this day.

Studio Ghibli was one of the things I introduced Ed to – I believe I started with my favourite, Howl’s Moving Castle. We’ve gotten through a lot of classics, including Kiki’s Delivery Service, Castle in the Sky, and Nausicaa. But there are still some either I haven’t seen, or I haven’t gotten around to showing Ed – like Totoro and Princess Mononoke.

But, I told him, before we left I had to show him the Studio Ghibli movie that was so huge it even got big time America attention: Spirited Away.

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Practicing Japanese

I’ll freely admit up front that I expected to be further with learning Japanese than we actually are… but also that the basics are actually a lot easier than I expected!

We’ve mentioned before that Japanese is spoken very differently to pretty much any other language – there’s no emphasis on syllables, so remembering to say words you’d learned as “yo-ko-sue-ka” as “yocooska”is tricky!

But, with the aid of JapanesePod101, we’re starting to pick up the essentials. And, doing it together has proven a fun way to spend evenings as a couple, too. Read More

Street Art, Landmarks and Dessert for Two

I promised yesterday that we were still taking some us-time this weekend, despite not doing the stay-in date we planned for yesterday. And we did!

Caitlin had been commissioned by one of her friends to take a nice photo of Toronto landmark Honest Ed’s – before, sadly, it’s demolished to make way for a new development.

So we decided to have a little fun while we were there!

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A Date in the Making…

Originally, this was going to be a post about a quiet night in date, exploring some new anime we wanted to check out and generally binge-watching together. We’re definitely staying in tonight, but spending it on other things… checking in and crossing things off for our big trip to the homeland of anime, for one thing!

So, this is more a placeholder to tell you to check this space tomorrow – we’ve got much more exciting plans as part of a trip into the city. So look forward to a report on photography, Toronto history, and games!

Making Dinner Together

The February date I gifted Edward for Christmas was to make dinner together, so that is what we did for this past Valentines day.

Being in the kitchen is something I personally adore and grew up with. My parents are big foodies, and I have a lot of memories being in the kitchen with my mom while growing up.

Food is also something I brought into Ed’s life, as his parents had a very different take on the subject. So it became a big thing in our relationship – trying new foods and spending time in the kitchen together.

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