The Upcoming Trip – Itinerary + Blog Changes

Tomorrow morning, we’re off to the airport. We’ll be gone for the whole month! Just how busy have we been getting ready? Busy enough to have posts written but get too jammed to post them, two nights running?


So, post is about two things – sharing our itinerary about where we’re going, and explaining what’s happening with the blog while we’re away. And, it’s a bit longer than our usual Monday fare by way of apology for being quiet over the weekend!

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The Japan Packing List

Packing is most certainly a complicated task requiring strategy and diplomacy.

Due to Japan’s location and unique makeup, Edward and I will be travelling together for a month in a country where we will experience beaches and mountains, summer-like sun and winter-like cold (and maybe even snow).

And yet, as mentioned earlier, we are going to try getting all of our stuff in 2 carry-ons (we’re looking into if we can also have a personal item for the flights) and 1 fairly big suitcase.

So what’s on our list to cover it all?

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Getting Caught Up

Remember what we said on Friday about things being a tad ridiculous between work and the upcoming trip? Well, a weekend goes a LONG way towards getting back on track.

Checking things off feels good, and even just having a proper to-do list and orderly calendar makes things feel less daunting. The only drawback, of course, is that afterwards you feel pretty zonked! Just looking at the high shelf with the game I’m supposed to be reviewing is making me tired(er).

So, we’ve got a bit of a change of plans – rather than trying to play catch-up and two-per-day posts for the ones we missed last week, we’re going for more of a fresh start – resuming the regular schedule on Monday, while being more honest with ourselves about how much time we have for writing right now.

See you tomorrow!

Communicating With Pets

This week has been beyond crazy. We know, we’re a bit behind! We’re sorry! A combination of unexpectedly hectic work, and expected things at work being unexpectedly time-consuming or draining, have us both reeling a bit. But, regular service resumes – with some make-up posts coming, too.

Another thing that’s conspired against me this week as been a few broken nights thanks to a certain agitated, whiny husky.


Not pictured: agitation and/or whining.

But it serves to illustrate a point we’ve found ourselves talking about recently – how pets ‘talk’ to us, and how sometimes they train us as much as we train them.

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Buying Blind (with help from FLGSs)

When it comes to tabletop game shopping, Edward and I usually test before we invest. We use the cafes and open box games at some of our downtown stores to get a good taste before we go in and buy. This is mostly because it is an expensive hobby… and we want to make sure what ends up on our shelves gets relatively used.

But, with TableTop Day being announced (April 29), we thought it would be a good time to talk about a good connection for any game-interested person: Friendly Local Game Shops.

And our topic for today? I’m going to name some Torontonian FLGSs and some tips on how they can help you shop… especially ‘buying blind.’

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