Zoids Master Models

I never actually got through the full show, but when I was a teenager I loved the Zoids: New Century series. The big piloted animal robots were so cool and even though I remember the writing being stereo-typically cheesy, I loved the zoids to no end.

I also loved the build-able models you could get while the show was around. But, the best ones were expensive and not easy to find in Canada and when young I got only the couple I could afford.

It wasn’t until I met Ed, and as a gift for me he went hunting for the “Master Models.”

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The ‘Building Things’ Date!

I was going to write a post about a date from our Date Jar, which we’ve alluded to a bunch in past posts.

But today, we had a great stay-at-home date that happened, as some of the best do, more by accident than by design. We just sat down and started building things together. Is there a word for being creative and constructive? creastructive?

Okay, let’s just call it the “building things” date!

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Camera Craft – Konstruktor

Ed got me this camera construction kit as a gift last Christmas – I thought it was really cool as I love tinkering and love photography (and my camera collection has been growing with a goal of starting to repair vintage cameras), but I hadn’t had a chance to make it yet. I knew I’d want to review it for a blog post… and recently things have been tough and tiring between work, goals and getting ready for Japan.


The kit is called ‘konstrucktor.’

So Ed and I decided to do a ‘craft together’ date, and I would work on the camera. So excited to get rolling!

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The Heart Frame

We’ve done a few things after the wedding to preserve memories of the big day. Clear Christmas ornaments filled with pieces of the decor and invites; a shadow box filled with some of our most precious mementos. But one of my favourites, and one we had a ton of fun making, is the heart frame.


Lots of happy thoughts & memories!

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Wedding Mementos: Our Table Centerpiece

It’s always nice to have some things from your big special day around the house post major event. A scrap book or photo album, printed pictures, maybe a shadow box with little keepsakes or even the gown.

We’re planning on having pretty much all of those, some with a twist, and also adding on a couple other things.

And one is our dining room centerpiece.


Centerpiece, and guest appearance by grumpy cat.


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