One Piece Figures

We’re both huge fans of collectibles; and, really, all sorts of small objects with history, character, or connection to something we love. But (among many others), one thing we’re definitely looking out for in Japan are figures from One Piece. It was the first anime we got into in a big way together (Pokemon doesn’t count), and there’s some really amazing figures out there.

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Buying Blind (with help from FLGSs)

When it comes to tabletop game shopping, Edward and I usually test before we invest. We use the cafes and open box games at some of our downtown stores to get a good taste before we go in and buy. This is mostly because it is an expensive hobby… and we want to make sure what ends up on our shelves gets relatively used.

But, with TableTop Day being announced (April 29), we thought it would be a good time to talk about a good connection for any game-interested person: Friendly Local Game Shops.

And our topic for today? I’m going to name some Torontonian FLGSs and some tips on how they can help you shop… especially ‘buying blind.’

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The Adorable Metal-Finding Robot!

We already posted about our craft date, and Caitlin already wrote about her amazing DIY camera. What did I work on (while not helping her in the how-is-anyone-supposed-to-do-this-with-two-hands moments)?



“BEHOLD! THE METAL-DETECTOR-ROBOT-INATOR!” We may have been watching way too many old Phineas & Ferb episodes recently.

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The ‘Building Things’ Date!

I was going to write a post about a date from our Date Jar, which we’ve alluded to a bunch in past posts.

But today, we had a great stay-at-home date that happened, as some of the best do, more by accident than by design. We just sat down and started building things together. Is there a word for being creative and constructive? creastructive?

Okay, let’s just call it the “building things” date!

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Our Gaming Wishlists

It’s a gaming double-feature tonight!

As you already no doubt know, we have a pretty substantial collection of games. And, in a move that will surprise exactly no one who has a collection of anything… we have a wish-list of at least 40 more.

We split that list into to-try and to-buy; some jump straight to the to-buy list if we play them blind, or if we see them on a gaming show and know right away we’ll love them. A lot of others, we try to give a whirl at our favourite games cafes to make sure we’ll be happy with our purchase.

Here’s just a sample; a few of the games that are calling out from that list especially loud for us to give them a go…

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