Pokemon Here-We-Go-Again

Today, I was supposed to do a book review. That became an issue, because I haven’t finished a book yet this year. I have been reading a bunch, when I’ve had the time/made the time for it, but the other problem is that the time I have taken to read has been spent burning through the book Caitlin already reviewed – Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody.

As much as I could rave about how she’s an empowering, earnest and witty pint-sized force of nature, that doesn’t really help with the plan to review a book you haven’t already heard us talk about.

But, it is Thoughtful Thursday – which we said was going to be partly tech reviews and partly reflective ones on things that get us thinking… and of all things, Pokemon Go hits both notes right now.

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New to the Apple Watch

I’ve wanted my very own smart watch for a while… I figured I go with apple only because I do have the rest of the ‘environment’ and I do enjoy that aspect. But a watch is a big buy and I’d waited and waited, regularly taking a peak at them in stores and trying to figure out what would be the point at which I’d allow myself to get one.

After Ed got his, I watched him use it and it made me want one even more. I also thought it would be nice to have for Japan in keeping myself organized. But it wasn’t either of those things that made me do it… I was having such a hard time at work that, after realizing we were doing quite well with finances, I’d tell Ed if I was productive one evening I wanted to award myself and get something nice for me.

So a few days later, I went and ordered my pink Apple Watch with the blue and pink band.

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The ‘Building Things’ Date!

I was going to write a post about a date from our Date Jar, which we’ve alluded to a bunch in past posts.

But today, we had a great stay-at-home date that happened, as some of the best do, more by accident than by design. We just sat down and started building things together. Is there a word for being creative and constructive? creastructive?

Okay, let’s just call it the “building things” date!

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Game Night, just the two of us

It’s nice to unplug and enjoy some time just the two of us. Cooking together, taking a walk, maybe one of the stay-at-home dates we’ve planned. But a personal favourite of both of us is doing a game night, just the two of us.

The last time we did this we got out only a couple games, Quadropolis and Unspeakable Words, and had just a little bit of time playing them together. But we had laughs and enjoyed the time together without the usual distractions.

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